Weekly Pool Service starting at $155 a month 

Chemical Balancing (includes basic chemicals) Varies by pool, call for more details.




Monthly Backwash for DE Filters

Equipment inspection 

Note: not included are repair items or replacement items such as baskets, hoses, leaks from equipment, motor or filter problems. These items require a repair technician but no service fee for diagnostics. 

Filter Clean starting at $100

Filter cleaning is an extra service maintenance item that aids in prolonging the life of your filter as well as creating a clean and safe swimming environment. Quarterly filter cleans are advised, however sometimes twice a year cleaning is all that is required. During the summer and spring months, cleaning of the filter greatly aids in providing an algae free swimming environment.  

One Time Cleaning starting at $75

One time cleanings are available, this option provides a one time service visit that provides the same service as a normal service visit. Note: when selecting this option, often extra items may be required at additional cost. For example, if your pool is green or yellow, this will require an algae treatment at additional cost. 



K&S takes great care to service and more importantly protect from future problems, I highly recommend their service.
— Tracy S.

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Stony is awesome. Love the fact that he allows text questions and responds almost immediately with professionalism no matter the question even for beginner pool owners. Would highly recommend.
— Brent B.